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Clan X17 is a gaming team that has been around a very long time. The gaming clan began in 1998 and is now approximately 17 years old. Clan X17 began as a gaming channel for the top 1% of skilled gamers in Starcraft and had ultimately evolved to be the premier destination of skilled players world-wide for starcraft gaming. Over time, other channels would emerge as the place was too packed to accomodate to everyone; however, this was originally started with Clan X17 and everything else was an offshoot. The clan’s founder was Annihilator-X17, who originally created the gaming channel on battle.net as a hide-out for him and his friends.


Some notable facts over the years:

-Zileas, who won Season 1 of Starcraft Ladder (by Blizzard), was a visitor of Clan X17 and kept there as a regular. Zileas would later on help develop Warcraft RTS and then help found Riot Games to create League of Legends. He also personally welcome Clan X17 to game in League of Legends back in beta for our skillful analysis of games.


-Clan X17 had its roots originally as a hidden gaming channel for the very top .01% of gamers in Starcraft Broodwar. Eventually word got out, and the masses flooded the channel because of its reputation as a place of skillful gaming. This legacy has almost remained.


-Other notable figures include Idra, Tasteless, and Elky who very frequest visitors of X17. Respectfully, Idra went on to become a top North American SC2 gamer, Tasteless if a world-wide known gaming announcer, and Elky became a wealthy poker pro being covered on poker magazines front pages.


-Clan X17 also has had numerous top ranked LoL players and has won numerous tournaments in League of Legends. Over the years, many X17 members are considered among the best of the best in League of Legends for reaching challenger status in the game.


-Clan X17 still maintains a SC2 presence, and its own member is a grand master and top 10 in North America. Coaching is available if requested. Please contact Green-X17.


Clan X17 is currently focused on and actively practicing methodically every day to create the top ranked and #1 world Heroes of the Storm gaming team. A community of talented and serious gamers is being built. The ultimate goal is to have the #1 ranked HoTS team which of course will be representing Clan X17 and its battle-tag to the North American finals.