Clan X17 crushes “Team AdiX”


Salt Shaker


Today at 7 PM, Clan X17 was challenged by “Team AdiX” led by disgruntled former X17 team member “JD.AdiX”. Clan X17 swiftly accepted the challenge and the battle began on The Tower of doom. “Doom” being the fate that “Team AdiX” would soon discover. The X17 squad was led by X17 member Kedern-x17 and his Jim Raynor.  Clan X17’s squad went on to completely dismantle “Team AdiX” and send them packing back to negativity valley with their tails between their legs.  This was another solid victory for Clan X17 and once again we defended X17’s honor. We hope to see a lot more victories like this in the near future. Great job guys!

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