Introducing X17’s first Official squad!


I’m very happy to announce X17’s first official squad, X17 Savages

The current roster is as follows,




We will be running tryouts throughout the next few weeks to fill the last 3-4 slots of the team as we may need 1-2 subs. If you are interested you can reply to the thread or contact me directly.


Requirements :

Must be at least Rank 8 (Hero league or Team league)

Must have a positive attitude and strive to improve

Must be open minded

Must be available for practice on Sundays (with very few exceptions)



If interested please reply in the comments with :

Current ranks/Highest ranks achieved :

Top 3 Heroes your experienced with :

Your personal goal in Heroes :

Prior competitive gaming experience: (Leave blank if you don’t have any it’s not required)


If you or another X17er wants a squad but does not feel you would synergize with Savage’s current members, feel free to Create your own X17 squad.  Multiple squads would be great for practice and would promote an improvement-oriented atmosphere to improve the overall Skill of the clan.


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