Hello my real name is Marcus however I go by GUCCI in game. I'll start out with how I found X17, I've been playing and rocking with X17 since League of Legends back when Evets would only play Shaco. I've played in some of their biggest inhouse games back when they had players from Counter Logic Gaming, Team Solo Mid, and Rock Solid etc. Ever since I got that high level of gaming expereince from X17 it's help me to become a better player and person. Now as for me at the moment I'm playing Heroes of the Storm mainly/mostly. I was Plat/Gold player in League of Legends. The game that got me hooked to Gaming on a PC was World of Warcraft. I started playing at the Burning Crusade Expansion as an Orc Warrior. That's pretty much my story. If you have any questions just reach out to me for more detail. I don't want to put my life on here then what would be the point of us talking. GeeGeeBro!


  • NAME: Marcus
  • LOCATION: United States, Atlanta Ga Decatur
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