Recap of NEXVERSE Week 3 Tournament


Last Sunday Clan X17 competed in the NEXVERSE weekly tournament put on by our friends over at  Our lineup Consisted of JD, Kedern, King Abbas, Green, and SirChubz.  We all had gotten quite a bit of individual practice the week before, however we had practiced very little together as a team.  In the first round, we found out we would be facing off against the 2-time NEXVERSE champions Team Momentum.  Their team consisted of all rank1 Master MMR Tier players and needless to say we had quite a task ahead of us.  We were still confident that if we got our team comp we could still have a pretty good shot at winning if we just stuck to the game plan.  We had 3/5 of the champions pre-determined before the game and we had a good idea what we wanted to fill for the other 2.  We decided our first 3 picks would be Illidan, Abathur, and Chen however, we had mistaken one of our bans for a pick, and accidently banned Chen which had left us with a Leoric being our 3rd pick instead.

Our last 2 picks we decided on Malfurion and Johanna in hopes that if we could keep Illidan alive we would have enough sustain and damage to come out ahead in battle.  Their champions were Sonya, Uther, E.T.C, Jaina, and Muradin.  Their damage was a bit higher than ours so we had to survive the burst from Sonya and Jaina to win fights.  The game started and it was Cursed Hollow which was a decent map for our Illidan, Abathur combo.  We started off the game a little bit rocky right away as our Malfurion was unfortunately first blooded at bottom.  The first curse came up and we decided to all rush to it.  We had an even battle on both sides however due to poor positioning we were defeated and 2-3 of us went down.  From then on we were 1-2 levels behind for the rest of the game and we just couldn’t seem to win fights despite some decent positioning in the later stage of the game.  The poor preparation and mistakes in champ selection ultimately led to a loss.

Next week we will prepare more in advance and make sure we draft a strong team in Hero select.  I believe if we do this we can come out victorious this time.  Best of luck to everyone playing this weekend!

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