Overwatch Beta is here.


Blizzard’s new shooter Overwatch is finally out in beta. I haven’t gotten a key myself despite applying on 3 different battle.net accounts but I assume I may get one with the next couple of key waves.  If I do get an extra 1 or 2, I might hook a couple of you guys up with a key.  I did take a look at the game and it looks quite promising.  The graphics are somewhat cartoonish however, they are very crisp and high quality.  The concept of the game is relatively new but is similar to games like team fortress 2 and perhaps left for dead.

To start things off, each player picks their own unique hero and ever hero has its own unique role and storyline behind it.  I guess you could say it’s kind of like an FPS MOBA, but there are no creeps from what I know.  The game is an objective based game and it seems to require a lot of teamwork. All in all the game looks like it has quite a bit of potential and  I look forward to seeing how well this game does as the next addition to blizzard’s powerhouse new game lineup!

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