The New Website Layout is Here


Due to some spam issues with our old website host, we have decided to migrate to a new host and make some big changes to the layout. With the new layout, there will be several new features added in coming time. Here’s a list of the current changes, and changes you can expect to see in the near future.

-X17 Ladder:

The X17 in-house ladder is growing and we now have a pretty accurate record of player, hero, and map stats for almost all of the recent in-house Heroes of the Storm games we’ve played. Captains are required to update their stats on the Excel sheet and stats will be regularly updated right here on the X17 website. You can expect to see more functionality added to the ladder system as it grows and progresses.

-Built in Clan/Squad functionality:

The site now has built in functionality to allow users to create their own teams right here on the site. This will allow us to host our own team leagues and even do Inhouse X17 team wars for fun and practice.

-Better protection against spam:

With google captcha, our spam protection and security will be much better than it was on our old site. We will also be promoting a few trusted X17 members to admin level on the website for added maintenance.


These are just a few of the positive changes that will come along with the new site, and as the clan grows we expect to see a lot more in the future.

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