X17 Takes First SC PATL Clan war with a Clean 4-0


X17 got off to a rocky 0-2 start in the PATL due to lack of preparation and scheduling confusion. Things were starting to look grim for our chances at the playoffs, and we knew we needed to do well in our third match in order to still have a shot in the league. Week 3 we faced off against the team CuteSmall and we completely crushed them. Our roster consisted of some of our most experienced old-schoolers: Skullz, Target, and Naejeon.

Game 1: Skullz vs Salv

Game 1 Skullz(Terran) faced off against CS.Salv(Terran) on the map “Sin Peaks of Baekdu” in a TVT. Salv opened with an aggressive 2-Starport Wraith opener against Skullz, who opened with a quick expand build into a heavy Goliath/Tank Composition. The match quickly swung into Skullz’s favor due to superior macro, strong defense, and aggressive expanding. After a couple failed drops, Skullz’s macro was too much for Salv, and he tapped out.


Skullz Delivering the finishing blow to CS.Salv.

Game 2: Target vs Daaki

In game 2, Target(Terran) faced off against CS.Daaki(Zerg) in a TVZ on Destination. Daaki opened up with a quick 2base lurker/ling style, while Target went for 1 rax expand into heavy bio play. The game had quite a few skirmishes early on, and with superior micro throughout the game, Target managed to pick off Daaki’s early lurker force and went on to beat Daaki with crushing doom drop in Daaki’s main base.


Target forcing a GG out of Daaki with a final Doom-Drop in the Main.

Game 3: Naejeon vs Roegi

In game 3, Naejeon(Terran) faced off against Roegi(Terran) in a tvt match on Neo Medusa. Naejeon opened up with a 1rax expand, while Roegi went for a 1fact expand into a quick tank push. It looked like Roegi managed to successfully contain Naejeon with tanks. However, little did Roegi know, Naejeon was building wraiths out of 2 starports and soon rushed out with his airforce and crushed the tank force of Roegi. Roegi had a couple goliaths in his army, but the cloaked wraiths overpowered them and Naejeon went on to end the game with a Wraith/Tank force.


Naejeon eliminating Roegi’s ground force with cloaked wraiths.

Game 4 2v2: Skullz(Terran)/Naejeon(Protoss) vs Salv(Terran)/Daaki(zerg)

The final game was a 2v2 match where Skullz and Naejeon faced off against CS.Salv and CS.Daaki. Skullz/Naejeon went with an unorthadox protoss/terran combo vs the Terran/Zerg from Salv and Daaki. That game looked somewhat close early on with Naejeon losing his natural to an early attack, but after their macro started to kick in, Naejeon and Skullz attacked the Zerg player with a huge bio-vessel/goon-zealot force and ripped through the sunken defense of Daaki, which went on to be the game-ending move.


Skullz and Naejeon pushing through Daaki’s sunken defense for the win.

Great job to the players representing X17, we hope we can have another great showing in the upcoming clan war vs wce!

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You can also check out all the PATL matches on youtube here: PATL Youtube

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