Little chance of snow this weekend

While the higher parts of Zuid-Limburg may see some wet snow on Friday morning, there is little chance of the rest of the Netherlands seeing any of the white stuff this weekend, according to meteorological institute KNMI. The weekend will be largely dry, with maximums hovering around 5 degrees.

Friday started out with plenty of clouds and rain, and some wet snow in the southeast of the country. As the day continues, the rain will dry up in more and more places, leaving only a slim chance of showers in the coastal areas. Maximums will climb to between 2 degrees Celsius in the southeastern parts of the country and 5 degrees in the southwest.

Overnight the clouds will clear up, which could result in fog especially in the south and east of the country. The coastal provinces will still have some cloud cover and may see a shower or two. Close to the sea minimum temperatures will remain just above freezing, elsewhere they will dip to around -2.

Saturday will be a mix of sun and clouds. There is a small chance of a shower or two, and maximums will range from 3 degrees in the east and southeast to 6 degrees near the sea.

Sunday will be cold and dry, with maximums between 2 and 4 degrees. After the weekend, temperatures will turn milder and the chance of showers will increase considerably.